• News: Marchetti denies Arsenal speculation

Arsenal first-team coach Francis Cagigao has told El Pais that Spanish players are desperate to move to the Premier League this summer, due in part to the financial predicament of some La Liga clubs.

Thiago Alcantara and Alvaro Negredo are heavily linked with Manchester United and City respectively at the moment, and could follow the nine players who have moved from Spain to England already this summer.

Cagigao insists the trend is an understandable one.

“There are many Spanish players clamouring for a chance in the Premier League,” he told El Pais. “The stadiums are full, there is a fantastic environment, there is a great respect for players and coaches. There is more patience from the fans and the economy is better.

“Spanish players have become incredibly desirable after the success of the national team. But there is also a crisis in Spanish football.

“Apart from two teams [Real Madrid and Barcelona], the rest are not in a position to offer long contracts. 90 per cent of clubs cannot afford transfers.”