Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger doesn’t blame Liverpool defender Dan Agger for Jack Wilshere‘s ankle injury.

Wenger reckons Wilshere was just the unlucky victim of an “accident” in England’s midweek Wembley win over Denmark.

He said: “I believe it was an accident and he will be out for eight weeks. It is another setback but it is an accident on his good ankle.

“The tackle was strong but I think he wanted to go for the ball.

“Of course it is a blow for us and from now on you want to get him to recover and get back as quickly as possible and prepare for the rest of the season.”

Wilshere was hurt in the 12th minute and played on until the hour mark after going off briefly for treatment.

Wenger said: “At some stage it is the player who gives you the indication of the pain and you trust the player sometimes.

“You give him a few minutes to tell you how he feels and if he says ‘no pain’ we are not at the point you can make an instant check up with an x-ray to see how big the damage is.

“Most of the time it is the player who tells you if he can go on our not.”